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9 Ways to Live Longer

We can learn a lot from Okinawan elders. Not just awesome karate, but we can all adopt their ways to live longer. Okinawa is known for having the highest population of adults over 100 years old, and more importantly, the longest disability-free life expectancy in the world, meaning they tend to live longer, higher quality…

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Lead the Japanese Way

When young, our parents and other adults caretakers lead us. As toddlers, their leadership takes a vital role in our development as well as our safety and well-being. Long ago, a Japanese friend of mine told me, “In Japan, we don’t say ‘no’ to kids.” “Oh?” I prompted. She said, “If a child is going to…

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Five-Year-Old Karate

A five-year-old Little Dragons student arrived as I prepared and pulled things together for that night’s karate classes. This was one of many evenings in our ongoing karate program. The five-year-old asked confidently, “Hey, Renshi, whatcha doin’?” His sudden outgoing nature surprised me and made me proud. This is the same boy who used to…

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