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Physical Fitness and Stamina thru Karate

Karate is a great way to improve physical fitness and stamina. Its many payoffs include a lot of health improvement. This article from Health Fitness Revolution mentions 10 martial arts health benefits. Half of their 10 benefits relate to physical fitness and stamina. Those are: total body workout, improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved reflexes and muscle tone. At…

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Building Awareness of Surroundings

The physical training of karate has many benefits. Awareness of surroundings is important for self defense. That is the ability to move around and among people and objects. And for martial artists that includes doing techniques in crowded or unusual places. AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS AND PEOPLE A basic level of awareness of surroundings and people…

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Spatial Awareness in Karate

Karate and other martial arts help the practitioner improve many physical skills. Martial artists improve their awareness of how their body moves in relation to objects and other people. Their own body motions become more smooth and fluid. In addition, our style of Ryukyu Kempo helps students learn more about natural body motion. They apply…

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