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Traditional Okinawan Weapons

In our weekly Okinawan weapons classes, we train in more standard martial arts weapons. United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance camps allow for a wider variety of black belt instructors. That opens up workshops in more of the traditional weapons for training. OKINAWAN WEAPONS FOR BEGINNERS At our dojo, all students need to learn some bo techniques…

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Ground Fighting at Our Dojo

Our dojo offers ground fighting classes as enrichment to training. Not all traditional karate schools do. However, rolls, falls and take downs were part of many ancient Okinawan styles. We continue to preserve some of these basics in our curriculum of karate classes. Plus, many of our students appreciate rounding out their training with the…

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Bogu Kumite Sparring for Self Defense

Bogu kumite are Japanese words describing the type of full contact sparring studied by the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance. Bogu is talking about armor, it’s made up of the words bo: protect, and gu: equipment. If you are going to participate in full contact sparring, it is vital to wear the right protective gear. Kumite…

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