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Starting Early Childhood Karate

We had learned from an excellent teacher. We added all that we learned from our parenting experience in order to teach fun yet informative classes to our youngest students to promote childhood development in early childhood karate.

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Karate with your Dog: why Karate is Going to the Dogs

A new children’s picture book, “The Two True Karate Kids,” includes karate and the adoption of a dog, and so the book’s publication will be celebrated with a class on Karate with your Dog. The launch party will take place Sat. Feb. 15th outside East Valley Martial Arts in Mesa, Arizona.

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Karate Photos for 2019

2019 was a great year for our dojo as you can see from our karate photos. We got back to representing traditional martial arts in the community by doing some demonstrations. We trained hard, improved our fitness and learned a lot. Here are our successes of the year in pictures. Our Little Dragons early childhood…

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