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Arizona Spring Karate Camp Picture a Favorite

This picture reminds me that several visitors came from other states to our Arizona Spring Karate Camp. Yet, because we all train in the same style of Ryukyu Kempo, we were able to successfully perform our katas together as a team.

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Why Young Karate Kids Benefit from Training

“At what age can a child start karate?” That is one of the most common questions I’m asked about karate, as an instructor in a Little Dragons early childhood karate program. I’m asked that question by potential dojo parents as well as acquaintances making conversation.

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How do we Teach Young Kids’ Karate?

Students in the younger ages have shorter attention spans and a boon of energy which they are learning to use. Between the age of three and six, they rapidly progress through many different developmental stages. Our Little Dragons young kids’ karate program is for kids ages three through six. Here are some of the ways that we successfully teach these students.

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