7 Safety Tips for Safeguarding Your Children

1. Play the Samurai Game

This one is our first, foremost and the most constant of the safety tips. The Samurai Game is the homework we give to our students. This means wherever you go, whatever you do, be aware! Notice the people and things around you and keep yourself safe, like a good samurai would do.

2. Know your Address & Phone Number

Even young kids can memorize their address and phone number. Also knowing parents’ names is important. Parents can help their children learn these things more easily by making up a song with the details.

3. Know What to do if Lost

Talk to your children about what to do if they get lost. If you get separated from your family, such as at the park or store, stay put. You can ask a woman with children (you might add in, who reminds you of your mother) to help you. Kids can also learn to identify employees (by their name tag and location behind a counter) to ask for help or to use the phone.

4. Going to & from School

If walking or biking to and from school, go with others. There is no shame in walking or biking with a parent. Be sure to take the child’s age and maturity into consideration and if they are going with other kids be sure to tell them to stay together.

5. Safety Tips at School

If you see a student with a gun or knife immediately get to safety and report it to the school staff. If you hear a rumor that a student has a weapon, this should be treated seriously as well. Even if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, immediately report it to the school staff.

6. Online Safety

Parents: adult supervision is important for keeping children safe online. Kids: don’t give out your address, phone number, school or real name if chatting online. Even if they say they’re someone you know in real life, don’t believe it or give them any information until you have reasons to believe that they are who they say. Here is an in-depth article for parents on keeping kids safe online. It’s full of info, more tips and action steps.

7. Martial Arts Training

Traditional martial arts will help you to be faster, stronger, and more street smart. Child martial artists have an improved ability to move safely in the world, and that includes their awareness. Children will be better able to protect themselves when they take regular karate classes. You may be able to get your child started with an Internet Intro Special for only $25.

We all have the responsibility of regularly evaluating our personal safety as well as that of our children. Then the next step is to take actions to improve it. These safety tips can be a solid starting point for you to build your family’s safety.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

karate teacher giving a kid safety tips

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