A Dozen Secrets Your Karate Teacher Won’t Tell You

-by Anonymous Instructors

1) I am extremely excited to see new students in class because I see the unlimited potential in you and can’t wait to get to know you and watch you grow in martial arts.

2) It breaks my heart to see a student quit.  I wonder for a long time what I could have done differently to keep them at the dojo and benefitting from training.

3) Though I have a general idea beforehand, I usually don’t cement my class activity plan until we line up and I see who’s there—that way I can tailor each class to the students’ needs.  (That’s why I look cross when you’re late.)

4) I would rather have you show up late than not see you at all.

5) I like karate parents to watch classes so they can see the value they’re getting, and they can reinforce the teachings at home.

6) It is highly distracting to me and my teaching when observers talk, coach, or yell to students or teachers during class.  It is my job to take care of problems during class.  However, if I’m missing an immediate safety issue, feel free to intervene.

7) I am not a babysitter.  Please bring your kids to the dojo no more than 15 minutes outside of class times and make sure they are on best behavior and they clean up after themselves.

8) I think a dojo janitor is a great idea, but instead the dojo puts the priority on keeping dues low so that more students can have a karate lifestyle, so please help keep the place clean.  This is also part of respect and traditional etiquette.

9) I have many years of experience and professional training, however, I am not making a living at this.  I do what I do out of love and passion for the art.

10) I believe our dojo can be financially stable and profitable because it offers a top-notch, priceless service, but it needs you to help spread the word to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors – everyone!

11) What I get out of teaching and being a part of this dojo helps me grow personally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally, more than you imagine.

12) You can talk to me about anything.  I really do care about each one of my students, and your well-being.  I may have been where you are now, and even if I haven’t, I may be able to help.

. . .Okay, now that we’ve spilled the beans, it’s your turn!  What are the secrets karate students don’t tell?  What don’t you tell your teacher or your kid’s teacher?  What don’t you tell your dojo-mates?  You can e-mail your answers to info@evma.net (subject: secrets), or comment online (if you do that, remember, everyone sees it!!).

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