Arizona Spring Karate Camp Picture a Favorite

On social media, we recently shared a karate picture that is one of my all-time favorites. I like the balance of its composition and the angle where you’re looking down the punches of the group, especially the lady in the middle. I also like that we are all wearing light blue camp T-shirts and black karate pants. But this picture also reminds me of the nice things about our annual Arizona Spring Karate Camp.

We call it Arizona Spring Karate Camp because it takes place at our dojo the first weekend in March. Technically, by the calendar, that’s not spring. But here in Arizona, it is spring from nature’s the point of view.

At that time of year, it has warmed up from winter. Plants are growing and blooming, and birds have already built their nests. Our weather is just about perfect for all tastes then. In the background of this favorite karate picture, you can see the door is open and we have our samurai door flag folded up to allow the fresh air to circulate.

Arizona Spring Karate Camp group kata

Pictured Above

This picture reminds me that we had several black belts visit from other states. Yet, because we all train in the same style of Ryukyu Kempo, we were able to successfully perform our katas together as a team. We hadn’t practiced in this same group, but we had no problem staying together as we demonstrated.

In the picture, we are all serious and focused. We are working hard and doing our best in the old, traditional kata Naihanchi Shodan. I love this picture because it exemplifies one of the best aspects of karate. We each are focused on doing our singular best. But we are also part of a team that supports each of us in doing so. And with this we each are better because of our involvement in the group. And the team is better off because of each one of us.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger 

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