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Positive Affirmations out of the Dojo Kun

These character-building picture books for children are fun and a little weird. They contain martial arts, karate kids, Japanese words and monsters. The monsters represent the negative character traits which we must all battle, at times, in order to lead better lives. The third and latest book, “The Follow Through Karate Kids,” also contains the Dojo Kun in positive affirmations.

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How To Raise Confident Kids

It can be daunting to realize that you are your child’s most important source of learning to be confident, especially on the difficult parenting days.

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Open Letter to Nursing Homes during COVID-19

Maybe there are some people who are finding they have extra time to spare and share because of the season of this new virus. I do hope they are sending tangible symbols of our love and respect to all of the nursing homes during COVID-19.

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