As Soon As You Line Up, She’s Your Dojo Mate

My husband and I started out karate in adult-only classes. When we later went to mixed-age classes, we learned that adult karate dojo mates always outrank kids. When we led classes in our own program, we had adults line up in front of the children’s line. It may not seem practical that the taller and…

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A Peaceful and Free World: An Okinawan Ideal

This Guiding Principle contains some of the most powerful words in Nakamura Sensei’s instructional document. Especially considering the tumultuous struggles of Ryukyu history. Even after all of the turbulence, Nakamura O Sensei still held high the ideal of a peaceful and free world. In fact, he instructed his students (and by extension, traditional martial artists in current times) to build such a world.

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