Dojo Rules

It is important to have respect for the art, the ancient master, the present masters as well as the dojo instructors and fellow practitioners. A large part of that respect is shown in the attitude and actions of the student. Certain rituals are expected by tradition and serve for a better understanding of the traditional art of Ryukyu Kempo that is practiced by our Alliance.

1. Never wear shoes on the training floor.

2. During class, discussion should be held to a minimum. Questions may be asked by raising your hand and being recognized. After the question is answered, the student will say "thank you" and bow.

3. Bow anytime you enter or leave the Dojo.

4. Walk along the walls before of after a lesson. Never walk in the middle of a class in session.

5. Always bow to the head instructor when entering or leaving the Dojo.

6. Always come to attention when a Black Belt enters the Dojo, even if it is during a class.

7. Your uniform should always be kept neat and clean. The obi (belt) should be worn at all times and properly tied around the waist.

8. No loitering or horse play, students are expected to practice discipline at all times.

9. No classes are held on legal holidays.

10. Never show anger or disgust, these are signs of lack of discipline and self control and can affect your eligibility to advance in rank.

11. Students will not chew gum or have food or drink near the training area.

12. Prior to class, all jewelry should be removed that can cause injury to yourself or other.

13. Never abuse weapons or equipment by throwing them down or placing them where they may be damaged.

14. Never interrupt an instructor when he is instructing or practicing.

15. Students should contribute to keeping the Dojo clean and in good repair.