DSCF0190By Jenifer Tull-Gauger

Years ago, my husband and I decided not to put our oldest in preschool.  We put much thought into this decision – touring several preschools, and crunching our budget.  We couldn’t afford both preschool and a Little Dragons karate program (even though karate was more affordable than preschool.)  We finally decided on the Little Dragons karate program instead.

As it turned out, we never regretted our Little Dragons decision.  I worked with our preschooler at home on the academic stuff, like numbers and the alphabet, and when the time came for Kindergarten, we were more than prepared.  As kids go back to school, these lessons from karate will help them in any grade.

Here are the karate teachings which help in school:

-Pay attention.

-Follow directions.

-Do your best.

-Cover your mouth when you yawn.

-When the teacher asks you a question, answer yes or no.

-If somebody hits you, block.

-Dress clean and neat to make a good impression.

-First hard work, and then some fun.

-Only hit to protect yourself.

-If you have a question, raise your hand and ask.

-Be on time.

-Don’t talk to your friends during class.

If only everyone followed these basic lessons: in school; at work; and in public, the world would be a nicer place for us all.