Help Your Child Learn Self Discipline

by Jenifer Tull-Gauger

We know from experience that sometimes it can be so difficult to sit there watching class, seeing that your child needs to do something other than what he is doing.  The only thing you want to do is say something to him, for example: “Hey, Johnny – stop messing around and pay attention!”  But during class, we ask that you please refrain from sideline coaching, and let the teachers do the teaching, reminding, and yes, sometimes giving push-ups (the disciplinary system used at our dojo, which results in not getting a great-job ticket). 

It is better to let Johnny learn to act on his own here in this safe environment, during class, while he is supervised by his teachers.  If he makes a mistake and gets reprimanded, we parents have to remind ourselves that we are not the ones being reprimanded and this is helping our child learn and grow.  Only when he sees the cause and effect of his own actions will a child be able to learn self-discipline.  He will not learn self-discipline if he constantly has a parent reminding him what to do and how to act throughout class.  Self-discipline will help him in many areas of his life. 

You are encouraged to observe classes at East Valley Martial Arts.  If you see that your child’s behavior is lacking, wait until after class is over.  If you talk to your child later about ways that they can improve, this will help reinforce the lessons learned at the dojo, one of which is self discipline.

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