How to tie a Karate Belt

Start with your stripes (if any) in your right hand, and put the center of your belt in front of your navel.

Bring both ends around, cross them in back, left on top and bring them back to the front.

Bring the left side over, down and up under both strands. The top end will be pointing up toward your right shoulder and the bottom will be pointing toward your left toe.

Pull the ends to the opposite sides, fold the top (stripe) end down toward the left toe, hold it there, and wrap the other end around it and through the middle of the knot. Pull tight.

Note: Avoid any twists and turns in the belt when tying it. After you take your belt off, fold it neatly and put it away. Don’t leave it lying on the floor, and don’t wash it lest you wash all the spirit and hard work out of it.