Our Instructors

East Valley Martial Arts' certified black belt instructors are all committed to sharing and upholding the traditions that have been handed down over decades. Each instructor continues to train as well as teach, and all are very capable and friendly teachers.

We also have assistant junior black belt instructors working towards adult black belt rank. They are caring, enthusiastic, and a great help in class, especially with other kids.



Gauger Renshi is a 6th degree black belt, known as Rokudan. Gauger Renshi is married to Tull-Gauger Renshi, and this husband-and-wife team is in charge of the dojo. With over 21 years of training, their passion is watching students grow, improve and progress on their karate path. They both love helping students improve their lives through martial arts. In addition to teaching karate, Gauger Shihan instructs ground fighting and has a personal fitness training background.


Tull-Gauger Renshi is a 6th degree black belt, known as Rokudan. Tull-Gauger Renshi is married to Gauger Renshi. Tull-Gauger Renshi also has over 21 years of training in karate. She is the head teacher in our Little Dragons Program for three-, four- and five-year-olds. As a writer and illustrator, Ms. Tull-Gauger has expanded her mentor-ship of youth through her children's karate picture book series, the Dojo Kun Character Books, which starts with "The Can-Do Karate Kid."


Tefft Shihan has been a dedicated student from the start. Tefft Shihan helps our dojo in all kinds of ways and this versatile instructor teaches karate to all ages. In addition to teaching karate, Tefft Shihan also teaches ground fighting. His son is also a black belt Jr. Instructor, and Shihan supports the family values and discipline the program has to offer. Tefft Shihan is a people person who brings an even higher level of practicality to our team of core instructors.


Tull-Gauger Sensei is one of our younger adult black belt instructors, and yet he has trained with us for over 19 years. He is an example of living traditional karate, as he continues the path from young student to sensei and beyond.

Our Founder:
Michael Newland Kyoshi

Newland Kyoshi founded what is now East Valley Martial Arts in the mid-1990's. In 2002 he passed the dojo on to the Gauger Renshis. Newland Kyoshi still participates occasionally at the dojo, and his skills from literally decades of martial arts training make each class he instructs invaluable.