Karate Classes for Adults

Martial arts classes are very popular with kids. But karate classes for adults are just as valuable to the students who take them. What age is an adult in martial arts? At East Valley Martial Arts, we have 13-year-olds in the Adult Program. We treat them like adults as they make that transition to more maturity. In traditional Okinawan karate, 16-year-olds are considered adults and these days if they have a driver’s license, they can hold adult rank. However, for the purposes of this article, I will be talking about legal adults age 18 and up. These are some of the benefits we adults gain from our karate training.

Karate Classes for Adults Improve Physical Health

Finding a regular, a few times a week or more, physical activity that you enjoy is essential for adult fitness and health. Not only do karate classes for adults get us moving, they help in many specialized physical areas. Strength training exercises in karate include push-ups, jumping jacks, rolls, stances (both static and moving), and striking heavy bags. Flexibility is improved as we stretch regularly, kick, and perform stances in katas which we wouldn’t otherwise use on a regular daily basis. One side effect of regular karate training is improved endurance. Add to that better balance and agility.

Life Protection in Karate Classes for Adults

Our traditional art of Okinawan karate was developed as a life protection art. We continue to train and pass on this old-way tradition, and the self-defense aspect is retained and expanded on. All of our katas, postures and habits revolve around the habits which allow you to successfully protect yourself so that you can also protect others.

self defense demo by students in karate classes for adults

Competing with Yourself in Karate Classes for Adults

There are friendly competitions in karate classes for adults. Especially in our mixed-age classes. However, your biggest competition in traditional Okinawan martial arts is yourself. You are charged with making yourself better than you were yesterday. And one thing adults appreciate is the self-paced nature of traditional karate training. For me, I have always been challenged in my training, but at an attainable, reachable rate.

Positive, Supportive Team in Karate Classes for Adults

Even though you focus on competing with yourself, you do have a positive, supportive team standing behind you when you train at our dojo. I have seen that to be true in all other traditional United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance dojos as well. It’s like a family you choose to be in. It’s a group of people who all work in improving themselves, their lives, and their positive attitudes. They lend you moral support which often goes beyond just moral support.

Karate Classes for Adults Improve Emotional and Mental Health

Karate classes for adults, with their dynamic physical workouts, help to reduce stress beyond what regular exercise does. They help you grow into more confidence and emotional balance and stability. And the character building, moral support, and positive attitude support help improve emotional and mental health for today and the future.

close up of karate teen and adults at a tournament

Karate classes are a great, dynamically constructive activity for any age. But adults especially appreciate being an important part of the magic of karate.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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