Karate Dads are the Best

Karate dads, meaning the fathers of minor karate students, are essential to the success of our dojo, just as they are essential to the success of their children. In honor of Fathers Day, this week, I’d like to brag on many of the shining moments of our dojo dads. Karate moms had their turn last month.

Karate Dads Encourage Other Students

A student seemed to be embarrassed by his unusual name. When an instructor would ask him what it was, he would clam up and say nothing at all. Eventually, someone else would chime in and tell the kid’s name. Then one day, one of our karate dads asked him. Same as usual, with a humble smile, the boy said nothing. After a while, I told the dad what he was called.

“That’s a cool name. It sounds like a warrior name,” the karate dad enthused to the student.

After that, the student started telling people what his name was.

Karate dads carrying a table.
karate dads helping at a dojo event

Karate Dads Help their Kids

Our three-to-five-year-old Little Dragons often have issues with the sparring protective gear. Some of them especially dislike wearing mouthpieces over their top teeth. But a mouthpiece is required safety equipment for a student to spar. One of our karate dads came up with a solution for his son. He would make the mouthpiece “juicy” by running it under the cool drinking fountain water. Then the boy was fine with putting it in his mouth over his top teeth. A few other young students’ parents have used this method since then.

Karate Dads and Training

Other times, karate dads have used hands-on methods to encourage their kids in training. Countless fathers have volunteered to hold targets for training, drills and games in their kids’ classes. And not a one complained about taking off their shoes to go on the mat. Then there was the time when a karate dad brought his whole group of firefighters and challenged the Little Dragons to a tug-of-war match.  

karate dads looking at an empty commercial suite
Karate dads helped us evaluate potential new dojo locations.

Karate Dads Support their Family and Dojo

So many of our karate dads work hard to provide for their families. That includes providing for dojo tuition. There were a couple fathers who supported their wives while their “better halves” helped us to pack up to move our dojo. Others lend a hand and help lead their karate kids in cleaning the dojo at the end of the week or the end of the class. They do a great job of leading by example. Many fathers have helped with taking a huge variety of pictures too, of classes and events including demos.

Our dojo would be a dismal place without the hard work, smart thinking on their feet, and strong support of all of our karate dads. We appreciate you all and Happy Fathers Day!  

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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