Karate For Girls and its Benefits

The benefits and offerings of traditional Okinawan karate apply to all genders and ages. However, I can speak from the female point of view when I say that karate for girls is exceptionally powerful. My first exposure to martial arts was a recreation center’s aikido class. Then I started ongoing training as a young woman and martial arts has transformed me for the better. I have seen girls benefit from their training in and through their childhood years. Basically, the earlier they start and the longer they stick with it, the more karate can work its magic in girls’ lives.


Many girls are raised to be nice and ladylike. Many just naturally do not partake in wrestling or roughhousing. That can be to their detriment if anyone ever tries to physically overpower them. Karate for girls will help them to build their awareness, physicality, strength, and prowess when it comes to physical attacks. “Tom boys” may already skilled in these physical skills. They will be more at home with partner work from the beginning, and still benefit from practicing and honing their skills.


Confidence is gained and rightfully earned in karate for girls. One way is in working toward goals like belts and then feeling the accomplishment of work well-done. Another way that girls earn confidence is by gaining the ability to physically protect themselves. When we know we have that ability, we can fearlessly go into the world and focus on enjoying the moment and working on our achievements. It also helps girls when they have higher-rank female role models. Not to mention male role models who show their appreciation for the girls based on their actions, accomplishments and hard work in classes.

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Males are the natural protectors of our species, being generally bigger and stronger. But it’s important for every individual to have skills to protect themselves. Then to build those skills to also protect others. Karate for girls teaches them to defend themselves, and with more training, to protect their friends and other innocents. Those skills will ingrain to allow a girl to, years later, skillfully protect her children when she is grown and a mom. (Even more so if she keeps up with her training.)


For me, personally, I grew up as a couch potato and never had a regular weekly physical activity. That is, until I started traditional karate. I became more fit from classes, while rarely even thinking about any type of grueling workout. That’s because I love doing karate and learning while I work out. Plus, over time, karate for girls gives us the discipline to improve our fitness in our time outside of class.


I love traditional Okinawan karate more than other martial arts. The rules and etiquette are long-followed traditions that make it comfortable to sometimes be the only female in a class. Not all martial arts require respect. Or restraint. Or good moral character. Not all schools dictate that in partner training you don’t take advantage of your size when you are the bigger person (in order to allow your partner to train and build their skills). But we do. And those things are why karate for girls in traditional Okinawan martial arts is recommended over other martial arts.

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Don’t just take my word about the importance of karate for girls. Here’s an excellent and thoughtful article from a karate mom about her young daughter growing through karate.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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