Karate Spouse Benefits

When I say karate spouse, I mean the wife or husband of a karate practitioner. I am looking at the benefits of being the spouse of a karateka. And admittedly, I am biased, looking through the eyes of someone who trains. But I have met many karate wives, and some husbands too, who appreciate the benefits of having a spouse that trains, even when they themselves do not. I think for them, and I know personally, having a spouse who is a karate practitioner strengthens the marriage.


When your karate spouse trains, you have the opportunity to cheer them on as your hero. Adult karate students gain a lot of benefits from being active at a traditional dojo. Your spouse’s training is often challenging, but it helps them become stronger, faster and fitter. It helps them improve their own life (and often your life by association). As they work on goals both in and out of the dojo, your support means a lot.


Your karate spouse gets exercise in classes as martial arts are physical, kinetic arts. Karate is a fun way to get fit. But it’s not all fun and games; it’s consistently challenging. Students focus on perseverance, respect and restraint. These standards will help your spouse not just with fitness, but with making smart, balanced choices for health. A practiced pupil will make healthier choices on what they consume. karate spouse support


Over time, practicing traditional martial arts will help your karate spouse have a healthier marriage. In karate, there is no room for unwarranted blame, laziness, or deception. When your karate spouse values and becomes skilled at the Dojo Kun ideals such as respect, moral character, honesty and restraint, this will improve their interactions with you. You will still have arguments, but if your spouse, on reflection, doesn’t become more reasonable, they will at least be more respectful overall.



You got together with your spouse because you loved many of his/her attributes, right? Active traditional karate students consistently make themselves into a stronger, fitter, smarter, version of their self. Additionally, your karate spouse consistently improves the skills to protect self and others. That is what our life protection art is about. I personally have seen and experienced the magic that traditional karate provides in self-improvement. I always want my spouse to learn, grow, and have the positive support of a good traditional dojo.

Traditional karate training allows the practitioner to become empowered. It improves confidence and respect. It supports health and a positive attitude. Active students learn to take control of their own life by making proactive decisions about health, goals and well-being. Shouldn’t we all want that for our spouses?

Jenifer Tull-Gauger

karate spouse support

It’s important for a karate spouse to be there and show support.

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