Kids in Karate: What Parents Love

Chuck Norris is quoted as saying, “Karate is one of the best things you can do for your child.” And there are many reasons to enroll your kids in karate ASAP. But maybe it’s one of those things that you can’t truly appreciate until you’ve experienced it. Here are my favorite things about being a karate parent:


We teach our children morals and values at home. Some school teachers reinforce values in school, but most of them, understandably, focus on getting through their required curriculum. But kids in karate have an extra appreciation for values. In traditional martial arts, they are reinforced and followed by instructors whom your children respect. Your children will come to question many things you teach. Then, it will be karate teachers to the rescue. The more often kids have moral character upheld by positive role models outside the home, the more it will stick.


What’s the saying? People fear public speaking more than death? Then perhaps the following is powerful proof of the confidence gained by kids in karate. My children grew up in the dojo, participating regularly in karate. And getting up in front of the class for speeches has never been an issue. I guess that’s small potatoes after you have successfully performed in several belt tests. Speaking in front of other classes? They never blinked an eye. I attribute the confidence learned in karate to my son’s ability to calmly win his school spelling bee and then to go on with poise and compete in the district spelling bee.

kids in karate

Kids earn confidence in karate.


At a traditional dojo, kids in karate see respect, feel respect, and learn about respect. Unfortunately, I see many kids these days in schools and even at stores who have a terrible lack of respect for their parents, teachers, peers and the property of others. Active involvement in a good karate program cures the disrespectful influence that kids come up against these days. Of course, we teach mutual respect, which needs reinforcement in the home as well.


I see my children work hard at the dojo. Kids in karate are not afraid of hard work and they learn that it has its rewards. They know how to use a broom from helping to clean their dojo. Martial arts instill discipline and a good work ethic in kids which will serve them for life.


Not everyone can give their kids this bonus gift. I’m glad I have taken this opportunity and karate is something I do with my children. We learn together, work hard together, and sometimes even punch each other (with control and mutual agreement). Training together is tons of fun and it brings us closer in so many ways that I don’t see possible without the platform of training at the dojo and in the Alliance.

sparring for adults and kids in karate

Light-contact sparring.

Thankfully, my kids showed an interest in karate at a young age. Sometimes it has been hard work to see them through their difficult training patches. It hasn’t been all rainbows, as all things in life there have been struggles. But I have no regrets in supporting my kids in karate training. It helps them to be stronger, faster and better able to protect themselves, as well as wiser to make the right decisions in their lives. New to all this? Here’s a bit about what to expect in kids karate classes.

Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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  1. Unity on December 6, 2020 at 5:09 am

    Teaching them young is the key. At a very young age my son started to pick up Taekwondo at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. I’m glad he’s found something he can learn some discipline.

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