Kids Karate Classes

Easy Valley Martial Arts has a strong Kids Program designed for six-through-12-year-olds. Kids learn commitment, confidence and hard work while striving for their goals with the help of their teachers. Respect, discipline and responsibility are integral parts of the Kids Program, and the active lessons are woven with fun. Positive reinforcement is given to all students, but especially to the children.

Kids Program classes incorporate all the same techniques, katas and exercises as the Adult Program. Our instructors incorporate games and fun activities into the class to keep the kids' energy up and help them have fun while learning. Light-contact sparring is normally done in the kids classes, and extreme care is taken to make sure it's safe and enjoyable for everyone. The kids also love our padded weapons sparring and "capture the castle," where the kids use foam bo's and swords to practice their techniques while competing.

Kids are rewarded with games and great job tickets. When they reach their amount of tickets they can redeem them for prizes.

Additionally, our Little Dragons classes are for our youngest students. This excellent program is designed specifically for the early childhood development stages. Click here to learn more about our program for children ages three thru five.

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  • 1 Week of Classes
  • * New students only. Maximum 2 classes.

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