Many Hands Make AWESOME the Work

Gauger Shihan and I have put our necks, our reputations and our prosperity on the line to become small business managers and dojo owners.  This is because we believe so much in how a good traditional dojo can help others improve their lives.  Without those of you who are students, and those of you who are parents of students, our dojo would not be what it is today.  We are so grateful to have you be a part of the dojo and to have you share the vision we’ve had, for many years, of a supportive community group.

We want to say thank you for standing up for us when we aren’t there to speak for ourselves.  We want to thank you for keeping the dojo a positive, healthy, safe environment by your actions, words and attitudes which are contagious even if we don’t realize it.

We are so grateful for your undying support shown almost constantly: referrals, events, volunteering, souji (cleaning), donations and participation in so many ways.  This is also our public thanks to those of you “ninjas” who anonymously help in many little ways.  We do notice these small details and your generosity means the world to us.

To use my mom’s phrase, we are tickled pink when we see students following the dress code without having to be reminded.  We are so proud of you students for training hard, being all business and hard work on the mat, and for practicing seriously at home.

We thank you all for being living examples of respect, honesty, perseverance, morality and self-control, as these are the virtues our dojo perpetuates.  All you who try for these values are better for it.  Gauger Shihan and I are better for it too, being the leaders and the most accountable in dojo matters.

All the support of students and parents working along with the instructors are what makes a dojo successful.  You have our sincere thanks.

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