By Jenifer Tull-Gauger

On Saturday, July 4th, we went to Shuri Castle, in the capitol city of Naha.  There were a lot of (mostly) Asian tourists there, and it was fairly crowded.  Our hosts worked their magic with the attendants in the full parking garage and finagled enough parking for our whole group.

DSC05698 DSC05707

Shuri Castle has been rebuilt several times.  In the past, fires destroyed much of it.  Now it is the most complete of all the castles, with many beautiful buildings.

DSC05713 DSC05719

As you might expect of a capitol, it is large, with a lot of walking.  A big urban city surrounds the Shuri Castle location.  The walking areas and stairs are concrete.

DSC05736 DSC05737 DSC05747

The sundial, restored in the year 2000, and the Bridge of Nations Bell:

DSC05751 DSC05756

These pictures show Una forecourt:

DSC05760 DSC05761 DSC05766 kata at Shuri Castle

The Main Hall is beautifully restored and decorated in its original glory:

DSC05777 DSC05797

DSC05786 DSC05788 DSC05791

We had to take off our shoes to be able to walk indoors through the halls of the court of Shuri Castle.

DSC05801 DSC05810

We got to see the same (or very similar) views of the garden that royalty saw decades ago.  See the modern and the old courtyard pictures?  Look for the rock that looks like a giant molar in the old photo of royalty.  It has Japanese words just above it.

DSC05811 DSC05813 DSC05834 DSC05836

Items and replicas in the throne room of Shuri Castle:

DSC05847 DSC05854

DSC05863 DSC05873

And back out to the gift shop, where they had a very nice inventory to browse!

DSC05877 DSC05885

Beautiful outer grounds of Shuri Castle:

DSC05889 DSC05892

Drainage systems:

DSC05725 DSC05726 DSC05900

Goodbye Shuri!

DSC05918 DSC05932

On to Okinawa Trip #18