By Jenifer Tull-Gauger

road work sign DSC05687

I enjoyed comparing and contrasting the everyday things like road workers and signs.

DSC05688 DSC05682

Naha: the city’s road sites adjacent to Shuri Castle:

on the road in Naha DSC05935 DSC05937 DSC05938

I found this interesting: the center high-rise is completely covered in tarps as they do construction on it:

DSC05940 DSC05947 DSC05948

This elf sign adorned several locations that we saw on the road.  I believe they were vehicle emission facilities (?).


Amy told us that KFC is now a Christmas tradition on Okinawa.  So many people go there on that day that they have to put cones out in the road and direct the traffic in and out of the KFCs’ driveways, with cars backed up all the way out into the streets.  We did not go to fast food while there.  We get enough fast food in America, and we heard it is expensive in Okinawa.  But, we did hear how McDonald’s was selling a black hamburger (bun and all) and in other months they have offered different colored burgers. Here’s the view from the road.

DSC05684 DSC05685

We went to HappyTown! for lunch (below).  Notice the conveyor belt to the left of the booth?  If you see something you want on it, you can take it off and eat it.

DSC05952 DSC05956

They had electronic menus every couple of seats, and at the tables.  You could order food electronically, and the train up above the conveyor belt would deliver it to you.  The food was presented in a decorative manner, even French fries.  After you ate, the staff looked at all the color-coded plates at your table and added them up to figure your bill.

DSC05961 DSC05958 DSC05960 DSC05959

After lunch, we attended a final U.R.K.A. meeting:

DSC05963 DSC05964 DSC05965

Later, we hit the road again and went out to eat at American Village to celebrate David and Amy’s anniversary:

DSC05974 DSC05973

Some of the benches designed for small people:


We tried to go on the Ferris Wheel.  But we got there a little too late as they’d just closed it for the night.  Instead, we ended up at Partyland Frozen Yogurt.  That consoled us.


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