Online Training for Intermediate Students

Here I’d like to share online training videos for intermediate students in the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance. Guyle Corley Renshi and Samuel Redekop Shihan collaborated to create these videos. Videos are not even a partial substitute for an experienced teacher. But they are great for going over what you’ve already learned when you need a little extra help while training at home. Practice, practice some more, and then make sure you have your instructor take a look at how you are doing with your katas and exercises. Here are some key factors for intermediate students.

Online Training Links for Intermediate URKA Students:

Tomari Seisan:

Basic Exercise 3:

Pinan Shodan:

Pinan Nidan:

Basic Exercise 4:

Pinan Sandan:

Pinan Yondan:

Basic Exercise 5:

For students in the beginner ranks, or who would like support reviewing the URKA beginner curriculum, this blog has links for you. It also has the five core principles that can help you in your karate and in other areas of life. I appreciate Corley Renshi and Redekop Shihan for taking the time and effort to create and share these videos. Thank you! I am proud to call you my Alliance brothers.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger 

just some of the creators of the videos for online training

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