Our Style is Ryukyu Kempo

Otherwise known as Traditional Okinawan Karate


Ryukyu Kempo is a way of life.

In ancient Okinawa, karate was more than a spare-time activity. It touched the very essence of the people who studied it, changing the way they thought, the way they felt about themselves, the way they interacted with other people, and in fact, deeply permeating their lives. Though much of that has been lost in martial arts, we strive to bring that way of life into modern America.

Ryukyu Kempo is traditional instruction.

Ryukyu Kempo is a well-rounded martial art, encompassing studies that many more modern styles have lost. With a return to the old way of thinking; however, these studies elevate Ryukyu Kempo to an art, a way of life, and thus the ultimate in self-defense.

Ryukyu Kempo is self-defense.

All styles of karate claim to teach self-defense, but only Ryukyu Kempo offers the grappling art known as Tuite and the nerve point techniques called Kyusho Jitsu.

Tuite may be translated as "Grab-Hand" Techniques. All bodies are weak in the some ways. They have nerves, joints, tendons and muscles that respond in a way to a certain type of pressure. Ryukyu Kempo's grappling art exploits these weaknesses, so that a big, strong person is nearly as easily controlled as a small, weak one.

Kyusho Jitsu may be translated as "Vital Point" Techniques. The striking techniques of Ryukyu Kempo are some of the most sophisticated in the martial arts. Properly used against selected anatomical points of the nervous and circulatory systems, they will temporarily disable an opponent beyond his ability to retaliate. Precision, not strength, is the key.

Ryukyu Kempo offers control of the opponent.

Ryukyu Kempo students are trained in the prudent use of lethal force in a life-threatening situation. Often, however, the attacker may be a friend or family member. In this case we will use controlling techniques instead of killing or maiming techniques. Thus, the practitioner can defend himself with a minimum of injury to the attacker. Such techniques are offered by Ryukyu Kempo.

Ryukyu Kempo offers katas.

A kata, sometimes called a form, is a prearranged pattern of movement that expresses the basic elements of karate. Each movement holds subtle meanings not readily discernible to the untrained eye. Many martial artists have heard of the hidden art within the katas, but only in Ryukyu Kempo is this art taught.

Ryukyu Kempo offers weapons. A vast arsenal of weapons techniques supplements Ryukyu Kempo's formidable array of empty-hand techniques. Students may learn several katas for each of the traditional weapons, plus an awesome assortment of techniques drawn from those katas. They are taught the interrelationship between empty-hand movements and weapons techniques, stressing the value of weapons training in the perfection of empty-hand technique.

Ryukyu Kempo offers physical training.

Strengthening, stamina, coordination, and balance are achieved through the Ryukyu Kempo workout. Regular training pushes each student to their individual limits, challenging them to stretch those limits just a little further with every class. The result is improved mental and physical self-discipline, more complete self-awareness, and increased self-confidence.

Ryukyu Kempo offers sport.

No martial art would be complete without the excitement of friendly competition. Full-contact sparring, known as bogu kumite, is an option available to our advanced students. Bogo Kumite is characterized by full power punches and kicks and the use of bogu gear, face masks and body armor for protection. This enables fighters to safely use techniques that might otherwise kill or seriously injure an opponent.

Ryukyu Kempo offers competition.

A little competition is always healthy, and it's a good way for students to learn to think to their feet. Not only sparring but also empty-hand and weapon katas are featured at occasional tournaments sponsored by Ryukyu Kempo schools.

Ryukyu Kempo offers membership in an international alliance.

Many karate schools belong to an umbrella organization. For Ryukyu Kempo, that organization is the Ryubei Ryukyu Kempo Rengo Kai, United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance, headed by Kaicho Allan Amor. Instruction in the more advanced Ryukyu Kempo techniques is limited to members and certain kata/techniques videotapes and DVDs are reserved for them. In addition, members are invited to Kaicho Amor's seminars and annual summer camp.

Ryukyu Kempo offers etiquette and ways of thinking.

Kaicho Amor also teaches that karate has more than one meaning. The translation of karate, "open hand” can refer to weaponless self-defense, but it also means an open hand offered to help others. Thus, Ryukyu Kempo schools and students are encouraged to become contributing members of society and participate in community service programs.

Ryukyu Kempo offers unity.

One of the unique characteristics of Ryukyu Kempo is the relationship between the schools. Though they are each independent, the instructors all draw their knowledge from a single source, Amor Kaicho. The strength of his ki (energy/spirit) and his philosophy have united the various instructors in a closeness uncommon in the martial arts.

About our Kobayashi Shorin Ryu background.

In addition to the above benefits, our Shorin Ryu roots allow us to look at other martial arts expressions. We offer light-contact free sparring which promotes timing, distance and reaction time when working with an opponent. As always safety is a priority and matches are supervised. Complexes are a tradition we carry on and are also performed with a partner. Complexes are like katas, with pre-set moves being memorized and performed to increase awareness of how to work with opponents of differing sizes, and also to increase speed in application of techniques. We have expanded on the ground work to incorporate a ground fighting class so that practical application of techniques from the ground may be practiced.

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