by Kirk Gauger

I remember a particular day when, as a young child, I argued and put up heavy resistance to brushing my teeth.  My dad didn’t argue; he said it had to be done, pinned me down with his knee and got the job done.

Look parents, here’s the deal.  You’re the parents, so parent.  Parents regularly complain to me about their kids arguing about going to class.  As parents, you will have arguments with your kids.  Your job is to lay down the rules and reinforce them whether kids like it or not.

If you are tired of arguing with your children, then don’t argue with them.  But avoiding class wont stop the arguing.  In fact, when a kid sees they were able to argue and get their way, they will argue even more.

Discipline comes from the home.  If you want to help your kids learn about perseverance and self-discipline, you have to take an active part and reinforce these character traits at home.  If you see value in our program, (which you obviously do or you would not have enrolled your children) then it is up to you to support your kids to have them continually train here.

At some point in time, all kids will say they don’t want to go to class because they are playing a video game, or they have a friend over, or they’re just tired.  You don’t have to argue with them, just tell them the way it is, and tell them they are going to class.  We both know it is for their own good.  You don’t stop making sure kids brush their teeth just to avoid arguing with them.

Here’s the good news: Tull-Gauger Shihan and I have seen such excellent results from our dojo’s traditional karate training that we have worked hard to make this program available to you and your children.  We are here at East Valley Martial Arts Kenshin Kan to back you up in molding your kids to be the best they can be in the long run.  If you want them to have perseverance and discipline, this is probably the best setting to help teach it.  But you must reinforce it, and you must get them to class regularly.

We support your kids and we support everything they do, and we appreciate your support of us and everything we do.  If you need help or ideas, please let us know.  We are happy to work as a team with you.