Spatial Awareness in Karate

Karate and other martial arts help the practitioner improve many physical skills. Martial artists improve their awareness of how their body moves in relation to objects and other people. Their own body motions become more smooth and fluid. In addition, our style of Ryukyu Kempo helps students learn more about natural body motion. They apply that knowledge to life protection. At East Valley Martial Arts, we encourage consistent awareness of one’s surroundings. In short, we improve kinesiology and spatial awareness in karate.


We consistently improve kinesiology and spatial awareness in karate. Just getting exercise can help these things. But our specialized drills greatly improve our skills. We learn more in every class about how our bodies move in the world. Body schema improves which means we polish up abilities to move our bodies in space. It also means we learn more about how the movements of our limbs and trunk relate to each other. And also, how they move in relationship to other objects. Eye-hand and eye-foot skills become more proficient. Young children learn a lot in these arenas, but as with any physical skill, students become more proficient with use and accomplished experience, regardless of age.


The beauty of the style of Ryukyu Kempo is that it works with natural body motion. Practitioners study working from a strong body position. We focus on structurally sound stances and moves. Conversely, we learn where our opponents are strong and how to monopolize on their weaknesses. Ryukyu Kempo allows us to use our balance and improve our speed when we use natural body motion as a habit. Our specific style has the huge advantage of improving body motion and spatial awareness in karate.

instructor explains natural body motion and spatial awareness in karate class


At our traditional dojo, we have a specific way of increasing our physical skills. This mental game, in practice, increases spatial awareness in karate. One of our students’ homework assignments is to play the Samurai Game. In this game, we are to be aware of our surroundings. That means the objects around us, as well as the people we encounter in the world. The challenge is to keep ourselves safe. That includes avoiding potentially dangerous scenarios as well as staying safe in seemingly benign situations. And doing it all in samurai style. Danger surrounded the Samurai. Yet they trained regularly and were highly skilled. They moved through their day with courage and a healthy balance of pride and humbleness.

This article from the U.K. tells more about the importance of physical skills in early childhood development. It also tells how these skills help classroom learning. Karate training is a boon to children. However, I started as an adult and I greatly value my improvement in physical skills such as spatial awareness in karate.  

Jenifer Tull-Gauger 

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