Starting Karate: Are you Interested?

Are you interested in starting karate? My husband and I only had a mild interest when we first tried it. He gave me lessons for my birthday and this turned out to be the best gift ever. Karate hooked us both on day one. Martial arts training has impacted our lives in an unbelievably positive way.

Do you have a family member interested in starting karate? Maybe a spouse, parent, sibling or child? Great – they have an enormous potential to go far. And if you are both thinking about training, we highly encourage it! We have family member discounts and training together will help you both. You can practice outside of the dojo and help each other remember the moves. Being dojo mates in addition to family members also creates a special bond over time.

Karate belt test
The author and her husband receiving new intermediate belts in the year 2000.

Starting Karate for your Kiddo

Does your child want to do karate, but not you? No problem. Starting martial arts training at a young age builds brain pathways that will help them as an adult to have self-accountability skills, self-defense ability and a moral compass. Starting karate before one’s brain has finished developing holds additional benefits. It builds a life-long ease into the ability to pick up on and learn martial arts moves, dance, and other physical skills. And the physical benefits for those who took martial arts at a young age last throughout life.

If you or your loved one has an interest in starting karate, give it a go! What do you have to lose except weakness, low self-esteem, clumsiness, tension, stress, fat, uncertainty and a sheep mentality? We will replace that with strength, confidence, agility, flexibility and ease, relaxation, muscle, new ideas and the ability to be a warrior shepherd. And an added bonus: we’ll support you in achieving your personal goals. The sooner you get started, the better.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

Young student presented with a new belt at the end of a karate test

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