Sugar Busters

by Jenifer Tull-Gauger


Helpful tips on decreasing your sugar and corn syrup intake:

-When baking or making something sweet, half the sugar.

-Keep that Halloween booty in an out-of the way place and let your child have just two pieces a day.

-Use Halloween candy to make cookies.

-Donate your Halloween booty to a food bank (you could get a call from the Sugar Witch asking for the candy and she might leave a small token of her appreciation, like a small car, in its place.)

-Wean yourself off of soda by switching to iced tea or lemonade, and then wean yourself off those sugary drinks by cutting back on what you add to the iced tea and diluting the lemonade with water.  Dilute by a little bit more each week or so, until you are used to a healthy drink.  Your body will thank you!

-Buy canned fruit in fruit juice instead of syrup or light syrup.  (Read labels.)

-Have plenty of fruit on hand.  (Apple slices with non-sugar peanut butter satisfy my sweet tooth.)

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