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If you want to help your kids learn about perseverance and self-discipline, you have to take an active part and reinforce these character traits at home. …This is probably the best setting to help teach it. But you must reinforce it, and you must get them to class regularly.

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The Proper Care & Feeding of Shihans

When you have a Shihan or Shihans, you see that they are different from other people in your life. They want you to grow and be safe, and they are committed to your best interest, but they are not your parents. Their main aim is to teach you and help you learn, but they are not like other teachers. They help you achieve your goals and be your best, but they are not coaches. Because a relationship with a Shihan is unique it can be hard to know how to care for your Shihan.

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Help Your Child Learn Self Discipline

Only when he sees the cause and effect of his own actions will a child be able to learn self-discipline. He will not learn self-discipline if he constantly has a parent reminding him what to do and how to act throughout class.

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