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Karate Safety Systems that Work

Not all martial arts require respect, restraint, or good moral character. Not all schools dictate that in partner training you don’t take advantage of your size when you are bigger. Here are the many proven karate safety systems that our dojo uses.

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What We Value at our Dojo

I recently started listing out what we value at our dojo. It’s because I was thinking of Sei Shōnagon. She was a writer who lived in service to Japanese royalty. Even though Sei Shōnagon died nearly a thousand years ago, we can get an idea of her personality, intellect, life and values due to her…

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-By Jenifer Tull-Gauger At the beginning and end of each class, you hear the senior student say, “Shomen ni rei.” Even the youngest students can learn these words, but do you know what they mean? Shomen ni rei means face the front and show respect.  When these words are spoken, it is a request to…

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