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You Represent Your Dojo

Our student came directly from school, wearing his camp t-shirt which boldly read “URKA” on the front as well as “Texas Seminar.” I said, “I see you represented the Alliance as well as the Bushukan dojo (in Texas) today. I hope you did so well.” You represent your dojo. As a karate practitioner you consistently…

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Welcome to our Dojo

We once had a guest from India visit our dojo. He was here for work and said that stopping in and watching a class was the best part of his U. S. trip. He is probably the person who has come to us from the farthest away. We had guests from Finland who said they…

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By Jenifer Tull-Gauger I like to say that the people make the dojo, or the dojo is the people (who are working together).  Welcome to the concept of Dojo Family!  When you are part of an organization, it is important to know why that group exists, and to know your own role in it. So,…

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