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Karate Classes for Adults

Finding a regular physical activity that you enjoy is essential for adult fitness and health. Not only do karate classes for adults get us moving, they help in many specialized physical areas. Strength training exercises in karate include push-ups, jumping jacks, rolls, stances (both static and moving), and striking heavy bags.

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Karate For Girls and its Benefits

The benefits and offerings of traditional Okinawan karate apply to all genders and ages. However, I can speak from the female point of view when I say that karate for girls is exceptionally powerful. My first exposure to martial arts was a recreation center’s aikido class. Then I started ongoing training as a young woman…

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Invite Your Buddies to the Karate Path

“In life, it’s not where you go—it’s who you travel with.” –Charles M. Schulz.  There’s no better feeling than having your buddies join you on the path of karate at the dojo. In the early 2000’s, a young man named Brandon LaBorde heard about our dojo from a buddy in his writing class. He tried…

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