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Japan’s Children’s Day

Because we teach Okinawan martial arts, and because our kids’ karate program is popular, our dojo takes an interest in Japan’s Children’s Day. A friend visited Japan recently and spoke about the carp flags flying in preparation of this holiday. It takes place as the third and last national holiday in Japan’s Golden Week. May…

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You Represent Your Dojo

Our student came directly from school, wearing his camp t-shirt which boldly read “URKA” on the front as well as “Texas Seminar.” I said, “I see you represented the Alliance as well as the Bushukan dojo (in Texas) today. I hope you did so well.” You represent your dojo. As a karate practitioner you consistently…

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Kintsukoroi and Friendship

Kintsukoroi, also called kintsugi, is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery. Kintsukoroi means “golden repair.” The process creates a unique and even more beautiful piece than the original. Gold veins show that the pottery has a story, and resilience is part of its story. This is a good symbol for perseverance as in Dojo…

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