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What About Adults’ Karate?

When karate first came to America after WWII, it was primarily an activity for adults. The karate kid movie helped usher in the age of karate for children and we are still in that age. But adults’ karate is important and valuable.

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Karate Teaches Fitness: A Before and After Portrait

My fitness improved considerably just by going to class and advancing through the ranks. I was consistently challenged, but not too much so. As I became an advanced student, I realized the importance of practicing my moves at home and on my own time.

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5 Ways Traditional Karate Builds Confidence

Our program of traditional karate builds confidence in many ways that have been passed down. Our teacher directly gave some of these to us, but most come from many generations of karate masters even going back to the first instructors as they trained the first practitioners. Traditional karate builds confidence in both adult classes and…

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