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Karate for Children: 10 Reasons to Invest

Kids’ karate classes provide a lot of awesome benefits. One is confidence in navigating the world. this alone is a great reason for all girls and women to train in martial arts. But male students also benefit from this type of training.

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Ground Fighting at Our Dojo

Our dojo offers ground fighting classes as enrichment to training. Not all traditional karate schools do. However, rolls, falls and take downs were part of many ancient Okinawan styles. We continue to preserve some of these basics in our curriculum of karate classes. Plus, many of our students appreciate rounding out their training with the…

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Karate Youth Learn: Top 5 Lessons

Traditional Okinawan karate can be life changing for people of all ages. But it has great power when it’s a consistent part of the life of our karate youth. As they grow, children form their values, habits and ideals. Traditional martial arts can positively impact those things and allow them to improve their lives for…

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