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Why Martial Arts for your Preschooler?

Many parents of young children recognize the value of martial arts in teaching important skills. But some wait until their child is older before they look into classes. If your preschooler is interested, now is a good time to start their training. These are a few of ways the martial arts benefit young children. FITNESS &…

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Five-Year-Old Karate

A five-year-old Little Dragons student arrived as I prepared and pulled things together for that night’s karate classes. This was one of many evenings in our ongoing karate program. The five-year-old asked confidently, “Hey, Renshi, whatcha doin’?” His sudden outgoing nature surprised me and made me proud. This is the same boy who used to…

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By Jenifer Tull-Gauger Years ago, my husband and I decided not to put our oldest in preschool.  We put much thought into this decision – touring several preschools, and crunching our budget.  We couldn’t afford both preschool and a Little Dragons karate program (even though karate was more affordable than preschool.)  We finally decided on…

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