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Kung Fu Panda Messages

Kung Fu Panda came out ten years ago. This well-made movie has artistic animation, and whimsical lines and action. It has wise messages that still ring true in karate. KUNG FU PANDA SECRET INGREDIENT Toward the end of the movie a great fight scene takes place. Kung Fu Panda fights the bad guy, Tai Lung,…

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Self-Discipline through Traditional Karate

Traditional Karate builds self-discipline in many ways. Parents appreciate the discipline in kids karate. Over time, that  leads to self-discipline. But I started training as an adult and my self-discipline skills are from martial arts. It could be because I was a young adult and my brain had not quite finished developing. But I believe that with…

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There’s No Crying in Karate

The Tom Hanks quote, “There’s no crying in baseball,” came out in the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own. Since then, this phrase has gained popularity. We even use it to frame other phrases about sucking it up in other activities and places. That generated the proclamation, there’s no crying in karate! THERE’S NO…

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