The Inspirational Carole Taylor May

The story of Carole Taylor May and her karate training is nothing short of inspirational. This Utah grandma had heard that trying new things after age 60 helps keep the brain active and healthy. She tried a couple things that didn’t click with her. She was taking her granddaughter to karate classes and developed an interest in giving it a try. With the teacher’s encouragement, she started martial arts at the age of 68.


You can hear and see Carole Sensei tell her own story here on the Kelly Clarkson show. Kelly is so encouraging and enthusiastic as Carole even teaches her some moves. I would think this interview would make anyone want to try out karate.


Carole Taylor May trains in Chuck Norris’ style of karate. In July of 2021, Mr. Norris himself presented her with her 5th level black belt rank. Carole had been training for about 15 years by then. You can see that story here.

I like that Ms. Taylor May proves that American seniors may find it possible to train well into their elder years. We know that Okinawan elders can do this, but it’s nice to see that westerners can too. And I appreciate that she walks like someone younger than her years (when she’s not purposely exaggerating). What an inspiration to keep on trying new things and never give up on your life’s adventures.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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