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Karate Spring Camp Fri. Mar. 1st 6:00pm--8:00pm & Sat. Mar. 2nd 9:00am--8:30pm

Intensive training with Allan Amor Kaicho and U.R.K.A. certified black belts in a variety of workshops including empty-hand partner work, kata, weapons kata, kanji and your choice of workshops in tuite, intensive training with partners, groundfighting, youth stranger danger prevention and padded weapons sparring. Camp also includes Saturday lunch, dinner and drinks, camp t-shirt and optional sleepover for kids Friday night. Tuition is $150. Early bird discount when you pay by Wed. Feb. 13th. Multiple family member and black belt discounts available. Contact info@evma.net for details.

For more information on our special events or classes, call Jenifer!
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