Videos for United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Students

All over the world, communities of people are staying home and staying safe from the novel coronavirus. This can make it difficult to retain and continue karate training, especially for beginners. A lot of dojo instructors are stepping up online. Some are posting Youtube videos to help United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance students to keep up with their karate. Today, I would like to pull together the basics videos from Scott Richardson Renshi.

Scott Richardson holds the special title of Renshi. He is one of the high ranking students under Allan Amor Kaicho. He is part of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance which Amor Kaicho created. Richardson Renshi heads up the Buken Kan dojo in New Zealand. He leads a successful and dedicated dojo full of students (well, normally full of students).

Specifically for United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance students, Richardson Renshi introduces his training video series as such, “Exercises and kata in order to help students who could not make it to their dojo due to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns. During this series of videos, I am mainly focusing on structural integrity and coring. These are two of the five core principles of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance syllabus. The five core principles are: structural integrity; coring; observe, plan, execute; efficiency and proficiency; and weight lead.” But you can hear it straight from him here.   

Here are links to the katas and exercises to help you, and all United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance students, to review at home. They include all of the beginner curriculum and even get into the first intermediate belt rank.

List of Kata for United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Students

Naihanchi Shodan:

Naihanchi Nidan:

Naihanchi Sandan:

Tomari Seisan:

Tomari Seisan Side View (performed slowly for structural integrity and coring lesson):

List of Exercises for United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance Students

Basic Exercise 1:

Basic Exercise 2:

Basic Exercise 3:

Basic Exercise 4:

As you can see, Richardson Renshi does a great job with showing structural integrity and coring in these basic exercises and kata. He is adding new videos daily. You may be able to find the intermediate and advanced belts’ exercises and kata. Thank you Richardson Renshi for your generosity in teaching and leading in this difficult time! I am proud to call you my karate brother.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger 


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    Do you offer affiliate membership I teach Shotokan and I am familiar with your kata.

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