What is East Valley Martial Arts all about?

Michael Newland Kyoshi founded what is now known as East Valley Martial Arts on the northern border of Gilbert, AZ in the mid-1990s. I became involved in the professionally-established traditional karate program in 1999. Mr. Newland handed the program over to my husband and me at the end of 2002.

My husband, Gauger Kyoshi, and I have seen the program grow and change over the decades. We have nurtured, protected, and thoughtfully, passionately developed the program, systems, curriculum, instructors, students and their families during this time. Here are just a few of the reasons our dojo is special:

We Promote Character

East Valley Martial Arts is a member of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance, and international alliance of traditional karate dojos. We follow daily, and teach by, the U.R.K.A. motto: “Character building through the life protection arts.”

Traditional Values

Honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, self-control and discipline are just some of the lessons we strive to teach. Sakugawa O-Sensei created the five precepts of the Dojo Kun about 200 years ago in Okinawa. These form the cornerstone of our values, which we take seriously and promote for everyone involved with our dojo.

Safety-Minded Training

Karate is a contact sport by nature, and the inherent risk in any physical activity cannot be completely removed. But through decades of experience we are able to provide a safe training environment. We care about our students and instructors, and we conduct our classes and activities with safety as a priority.

An Affordable Investment

We do not require long-term contracts or upgrade programs. All of our students receive access to our full program of content and our well-rounded curriculum of activities, as they are ready for them. We show training costs up-front. Most students may choose from two tuition options: either monthly payments or a year paid in full. We also offer discounts for immediate family members who pay monthly.


With our highly trained, certified instructors and assistant instructors, East Valley Martial Arts provides a great environment for kids and adults alike. Our program is designed so that adult and child family members can train in the same classes.  

Fun Learning

Karate is a great way to get a dynamic workout and have fun while learning life protection skills in a supportive group setting. People learn more when they are relaxed and having fun, and East Valley Martial Arts achieves that.

When my husband and I first started, we were just mildly interested. But we both loved karate from the first day we tried it out. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in martial arts to give it a try, and don’t delay! Look for a good traditional dojo that is not too far from your house, where you feel comfortable. If you can commit to attending classes twice a week, go for it!

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

Jenifer Tull-Gauger knows what it’s like to be an “old soul” and a painfully quiet kid struggling to fit in. Her journey to 7th degree black belt is a testament of how she found inner strength through traditional karate. Now in leadership for the international U.R.K.A., she heads up a private dojo with her husband.

Jenifer combined her passions for art and writing, with what she’s learned from 23-plus years of teaching karate, to create a children’s character-building picture book series. The Dojo Kun Character Books help children to find their own power in their lives.  JeniferTullGauger.com

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