What sets Ryukyu Kempo Apart?

Ryukyu Kempo is a general term for martial arts developed in Okinawa. However, Ryukyu Kempo as taught by the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance, is a unique and effective martial art. Not only is it effective in self defense and life protection. The curriculum we teach can be applied to all areas of life. In particular, our Five Core Principles not only create stronger martial artists, they also create more successful people.

1st Core Principle in Ryukyu Kempo: Structural Integrity

Also called SI, Structural Integrity literally means a physically strong position. The way something is built or positioned either gives it structural integrity, or gives it weakness. SI can also be applied to strengthen non-physical things such as relationships.

2nd Core Principle: Coring

In Ryukyu Kempo, martial artists create their own safe place with a strong guard. Using the 18-inch-rule, they make sure it is not too wide, but arms are placed in a position to best protect one’s body.

Coring can be used in other areas of life by “getting back to basics.” For example, if one has developed poor health, this could be caused by falling into poor basic habits. Maybe cutting out sugar or additives and adding in healthy, vegetables, fruits and basic, plain-but-healthy foods will allow one to zero out back to a healthy system.

Ryukyu Kempo students

3rd Core Principle: Observe, Plan, Execute or OPE

On the one hand, we don’t rush into situations without first Observing and Planning before Executing. On the other hand, a good martial artist doesn’t Observe that something needs to be done and then not do it if it’s in their power. Martial artists are consistently Observing and Planning. That is why they are good at Executing when others might not do anything.

4th Core Principle: Efficiency and Proficiency or E and P

When we use E and P we don’t waste time, space or energy. We do things in the most efficient and adept manner. We are always looking for ways to perform our martial arts techniques in an Efficient and Proficient manner. This also works in other areas of life.

5th Core Principle: Weight Lead Indicator

A strong Weight Lead means you have deliberation on your path and in your direction of focus. This is important in physical life protection. It can also be used in following through with the goals you have set for yourself. Or with getting any project done.

At our dojo, our students of all ages learn the Five Core Principles. We help them apply them to their martial arts training. We also talk about using them in other areas of life. Then they can become more efficient, proficient and successful in any area.

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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