When is the Best Time to Begin Martial Arts?

We’ve heard from people who’d like to begin martial arts classes at our dojo. But they give reasons to put it off into the future. Things like: one day, when I get in shape, after the summer, after the holidays, after the school year, or when the sports season is over. Unfortunately those phrases are just evidence of procrastination. The good news is that karate is year-round so you can start at any time. The bad news is that karate is year-round so you don’t have an external push to sign up at a particular time.

But that’s okay, because karate takes a certain level of internal motivation. We aren’t going to call to remind you to attend your class tonight. And when you do attend, we will encourage and motivate you, but it is the responsibility of each student to do their own work.

Dave Kovar on the Best Time to Begin Martial Arts

I respect Dave Kovar, a high-rank, long-term martial arts instructor in California. That’s because he focuses on doing what is best for each individual student while representing karate in a positive way. Here’s what he has to say about starting out, “You can begin martial arts training at any time. Most team sports, especially those primarily played outside, are seasonal. Martial arts is practiced year round. This consistency helps build upon discipline and allows children to progress at a quick pace.”

year-round consistency helps children progress after they begin martial arts

As they progress, they are learning and building upon what they already know. Plus, an added benefit of that consistency is that although children have many changes in their formative years, being involved in a dojo year round helps them have a solid base. Regular attendance and averaging two classes per week is beneficial in so many ways in addition to those mentioned, such as stamina, physical fitness and physical skills.

To Consider After you Begin Martial Arts

Keeping up with the regular habit of attending classes may not always seem easy. Sometimes karate kids tell their parents about the “greener grass” of alternative activities, or just prefer to stay on screens instead of going to class. But it’s much easier than having spotty attendance and starting and stopping again.

But those are points to consider after you are, and/or your child is, in karate. We’re talking about the best time to begin martial arts. That time is now! Here are seven great quotes on beginning (before the perfect time – the perfect time will never come to be).

-Jenifer Tull-Gauger

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