Wisdom for Beginning Karate Students

Vincent Muller Renshi recently became a proud grandfather, but he has been wise for a long time. Several years ago he visited East Valley Martial Arts Kenshin Kan, in Gilbert, AZ, where we train in Ryukyu Kempo. During this visit, we learned some valuable tidbits from him. As one of the head instructors, I wrote down the wisdom Mr. Muller shared. Now I’m sharing that knowledge with anyone interested (and even some who are not interested).

This is some advice for beginning karate students which I got from Muller Renshi. When you start Karate, it’s like you’re a baby lying in a crib. Babies first learn to roll over, and then to crawl. Then they pull themselves up and learn to walk after many tries, lots of practice, and some falls.

When you start Karate, you start using your body in ways that you have never used it before, like a baby does. You use motions and muscles you have never used before. You may feel awkward, or later, sore. It takes time to develop the skills, muscles and balance. It takes a lot of practice.

Mr. Muller said not to get down on yourself or discouraged if you don’t do Karate like the higher ranks do. This is something new to you. It’s something you have never done before. Just keep doing your best. If you stick with it, you will develop muscles, balance and skill. You will look back and see that it was worth it.

Muller Renshi also said that when a person earns a black belt, they have mastered the basics. Many people mistakenly believe that a black belt means you are a master, but it means you have the basics down. After your black belt, you work on developing skill. That’s when the really fun stuff starts! (That last comment is directly from me –Tull-Gauger Shihan.)

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