With the Dragons

Poem by Jenifer Tull-Gauger

Don’t even try to talk to me

When I’m with the dragons.

For that short span,

A couple times a week,

I am in a different world.

I must focus all my energy

On keeping the dragons busy,

Active, productive and learning.

They are young and have

Short attention spans.

They are easily distracted.

They are small and full of energy.

I must work with them constantly

During our time together

To channel their energy positively

To keep it from bursting out of control

And running wild, causing chaos

Which can happen easily when they’re together.

Don’t call and expect me to answer

During that short period.

Then, I am a dragon-tamer,

Keeping my voice energetic; loud but friendly,

Thinking a step ahead

To our next activity,

Enticing the dragons with fun,

To learn to be better, stronger, faster, smarter people.

Little Dragons

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