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The ancient tradition called “Yoga” originated in India during the time of the Vedic culture (2800BCE). Yoga has evolved and split into several different branches which use the body and breathing to develop self-awareness, let go of tension, find regard for yourself and others, develop inner strength and promote physical health.

Hatha Yoga, the physical branch of Yoga, links the mind, body, and spirit. It helps you improve your health and attitude through physical postures and breathing. It strengthens and purifies the body, improves the flow of energy and oxygen to limbs and vital organs, and leads to improved focus and abilities of the mind. Yoga practiced regularly is a positive part of daily life.

Small class sizes are offered at EVMA Kenshin Kan on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm. Your first yoga class is free. This is a great, self-paced class. (Our active karate students pay only $5 per class.) After the first class, you can pay $10/class drop-in, or purchase a package of 7 classes for $64.

Our Hatha Yoga offers a combination of relaxation techniques, stretching and controlled breathing which will assist you to achieve a quiet, clear mind and general well-being. Classes are designed for adults and teens. Children at least 10 years old are welcome to join us too, as long as they understand it is a meditative environment.

Regular and ongoing sessions promote results. Yoga helps: reduce everyday stress, develop a strong and flexible body, resist and prevent physical injury in martial arts activities and in other daily activities.

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First Class Free!

  • * For first time students. Call to schedule your first class.

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Discounted class packs and monthly billing plans are available.